No Fatties

He seems a perfect gentleman on paper

SWM, 6’2” looking for fun and friendship, LTR material

No Fatties


I touch my stomach, the swell and bulge at belly and hip

No one’s idea of beautiful unless I pull at my cheeks

suck in my chin, envision that mythic woman

She of the visible collarbone

A waist that can be encircled between the circumference of two hands


Cupboards an expression of clean living

Filled to the brim with whole wheat flour, stevia

Freezer empty but for two lonely blue ice cube trays.


I must weigh myself each morning

After I use the bathroom, before I shower, naked

Numbers go up, down

bringing smiles or swift kicks to

ye olde doomsday device

depending on the direction


choosing to skip lunch today and dinner

scribbling down each item that I put to my lips

hoping that this time if I am good, strong, worthy

I will shed this suit of flesh

Each day suspecting it is just me

sloughing off pieces of myself


I am a vision of loveliness on paper

SWF, 5’1”, likes long walks on the beach

looking for companionship and maybe more


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