April 30

April is cloudy days, Cold rain seeping into shoes that are not waterproof Not a cloud in the sky, bright sun baking my bare arms should have been a sign How far along are you?  32 weeks Only two more months until I can have my body back This will be cold, he says A […]

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A caged thing banging at the prison of my ribs Thump Thump Thump Losing track of how to bind myself with threads To minutes, hours, days Each increment marked in my throat   Stare at the ceiling and know how that man with no name felt checking night after night unable to look away   […]


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Hands,wind chapped twist and loop Here Clove hitch I take the rope white and smooth  like hands that have never tacked into the wind Look Square knot He pulls it loose Again Scratch at crimson stained deck  Where toes were painted Pay attention, girl. Good sailors must be alert.  I take up the rope again  […]

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