Writing Process Blog Hop

And now for something completely different. A look inside the mind of this particular crazed writer. It’s like a chain letter minus the wacky superstitions. . . I was tagged by Janet Gershen Seigel http://jespah.adastrafanfic.net/2014/06/29/writing-process-blog-hop/.    I asked for volunteers, and these three have thrown themselves upon the sword. Check them out! Colleen Booker Halverson, https://colleenbhalverson.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/writing-process-blog-hop/ […]


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Deep banks of cumulo-nimbus, swollen, fit to bursting, streak across skies just a hair from evening’s fall. Leaves whisper to each other. Branches sway in the quickening wind. I should go in. Seek refuge under shelves heavy with last summer’s canned peaches. Deep purpley bruised horizon, tinged with yellow. Wind and water shriek across the […]

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