Unofficial #Pitchwars Mentee Bio, or everything you ever wanted to know about me but didn’t think to ask.

My name is Jessica Bloczynski and I wrote a book. 

Welcome, #Pitchwars kids to Maniac Marmoset. Yes, that means I’m a crazy monkey. Well, not so much a monkey as an ape, but let’s not be pedantic. So, in the universe where this is all about me, where shall I start?


I grew up in Fandom. Like, seriously, my parents met at an SF con in 1980. I was raised with Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and about a bazillion other media and book fandoms. All the geek culture a girl could want and more. My parents even went to meetings. They were part of the SF community. It was quite the thing.

My geek cred, let me show it to you.


Ever since my I got my tiny six year old mind around the idea that there were these wizards called authors who could make pictures inside my brain, I knew I needed to harness that power for my own. Much to the chagrin of the now reformed and less funky parents I decided to study creative writing in college. Charging forward, I claimed through dangers unknown and hardships unnumbered my bachelor of fine arts in creative writing. Woo to the hoo, or something like that.

You have no power over me.


I live in beautiful alternately blastingly cold and stifingly hot Madison WI with my husband of fifteen years and our two geeks in training. I used to sling organic groceries for a living but have since parted ways with the evil empire to stay home with the kidlets and write full time. Behold the great and bountiful evil empire. 


I wrote this weird YA book, Silverblood, about terminal illness, sisters, massive daddy issues,the polar vortex and the damage that can be done with a ten lb sledgehammer. It’s a contemporary/sf hybrid which I’ve been pitching as “My Sister’s Keeper” with cyborgs. It started as a nano book last November and I’ve been working my butt off since then to make it shiny and perfect and beautiful. Not to say that it is yet, but it isn’t for lack of trying. Polar vortex, not as depicted in Silverblood. 


So, why should you pick me? Well I would hope my book in all its sparkly awesomeness would speak for itself, but I am not afraid of hard work and I do my best to be upbeat, positive, funny and receptive to feedback. Also, I’d much rather have someone lay out all the things that need to be burned with fire than a bunch of effusive squee about how special and perfect my novel is. I want Silverblood to be awesome, yo, and that only happens with serious nose to grindstone action.

I fear no red pen for the night is dark and full of terrors. 


My oldest child’s middle name is Danger, no lie.

I performed with my local RHPS shadow cast for six years and only stopped three weeks from when the above mentioned child was three weeks from being born. That one on the left is me. Okay, I’m not actually Patricia Quinn but I played her in my underwear. True story.

I have lived in four states and gone to over seventeen different schools and that was before college.

My first book, I was twelve, was about a girl who’s family expatriates to the UK. She interacts with lots of girls that act very American in an American style school, crushes on a boy named Luc and bests her romantic rival with a pit trap.

And that’s the that about me. I hope you enjoyed my rambling as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Ten agrees!


9 thoughts on “Unofficial #Pitchwars Mentee Bio, or everything you ever wanted to know about me but didn’t think to ask.

  1. Great bio, I enjoyed reading it. And I know this is totally unrelated, but I love that pic of the grocery store – I want to shop there! 😀 Good luck in PitchWars!

  2. I love that you’re perpetuating the geekdom. My husband and I don’t share such a pure geek pedigree (and I write magical realism) but we are dedicated to the cause and solemnly swear to raise our children on a wholesome diet of Dr Who and Star Trek. Wishing you a great Pitch Wars experience.

  3. OH, and I went on a second date with my husband because he bought me a Star Trek toy phaser, and I have the Star Trek command insignia tattooed on my hip. Yippee to the nerds!

      1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I miss the fancy Metcalfe’s that opened up by me. And I never got a chance to enjoy the new Hi-Vee…. Can you tell which side of town my house is on 😛

  4. Please say that lavender Darth Vader is really you, because it’s awesome. 🙂
    Hooray for raising Geeklings!
    Best of luck in Pitch Wars. I’m still intrigued by the Polar Vortex character.

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