I want to say something lovely and coherent about Midwest Writers. Something worthy and articulate and thoughtful. I’m not there yet. I’m still floating in the happy endorphin place at the moment. The words community, friendship, love, support. All of those come to mind. Also, I learned so many things about craft. I met amazing people. Strengthened online friendships into real life ones. Oh man, I’m sure I sound like a gibbering idiot here, but I’m actually too *happy* to make much sense. The response to my pitch was overwhelming. The love and support of so many fills my heart completely. My roomies Erica Davis Secor and Ashley Hearn were wonderful as was my road trip bud Liz Lincoln. Summer Heacock is a genuine treasure and I am so grateful for her championing of my work. I feel as though I’m bathing in love. So, like I said I want to talk about the cool stuff that I learned and the connections I made and the fun I had, but I am unfortunately out of brain to talk about much right now. So love. So, so, so much love. And I will be back when the endorphin rush wears off with a proper conference report.


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