Where We Go From Here

Gather ’round, children: it’s story time.

It’s just a few days until the big PitchWars reveal, and I know, if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to feel a bit like this.


It’s been a long month of polishing, and taking risks and spending one minute sure you’ll get in and the next being equally sure that with 100 spots and 1,591 entries the odds are slim. I have these feels. I know these feels.

This is my second time entering PitchWars. Last year, when I was a wee baby new writer clutching her manuscript to her chest, PitchWars was my very first contest. I was so not ready. I had no idea what ready looked or felt like. All I knew was I had a book some of my, similarly new, writerly friends said was awesome.  So I entered, and I waited. . .

and waited. . .

Until I was basically. . .

And then the reveal came around and, well, I’m not going to lie, it hurt. The disappointment after all that buildup was pretty big. I had to take some time off Twitter. I had to quietly sit and feel my feels in DMs with friends and CPs.  And that’s okay, be sad, do what you need to in order to get yourself through it. Because you will, get through it, I mean. This isn’t even close to  the end.

Something happened after I’d come out the other side of my feelings. Something kinda magical.

I was able to take a good hard look at my work and see what I needed to do to make it better. I was able to take the kickass revision and editing methods I’d learned getting ready for the contest and apply them. My primary CP connected me with a new CP and he’s my plot ninja. I took six months to take my book apart and put it back together. I’m not saying none of this wouldn’t have happened without entering PitchWars, but I do suspect it would have been a much slower process. A much lonelier process.

I’m so grateful for the community I found last year, the friends I made, the hard, painful growth that came of having to reassess my work. It was worth all the feels.

So fellow potential PitchWarriors, go forth, kick ass and take names,

and generally be awesome . . .

Whatever happens on Tuesday.
Big love to all,
Jess out


4 thoughts on “Where We Go From Here

  1. What really struck me with your post is admitting your hurt and disappointment and how you dealt with it. Commiserating with friends (off line!), and recognizing the hurt are good tactics. Even with the connections and and friendships contests bring, those moments where you feel low real and it’s OK to feel that way. Take a day or two or four and sticky ‘nade some Halo aliens or go find some friends and watch movies. Thanks for a great post 🙂

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