Sevens and Sevens and Sevens and Sevens.

Heya, peeps!
Twitter friends keep tagging me in the 7x7x7 thing in which the rule is that you go to the 7th page of your manuscript, count down 7 lines and post the next 7 lines. Then you tag 7 writer friends to do the same. In all honesty, I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you want to participate, feel free.

Also, it’s actually like nine lines since I didn’t want to cut off in the middle of sentence. So, enjoy!

*  *  *

“Leah. Where is she?”

“Not here.”

Beth chewed her lip and brushed her bleach-blond hair to one side.

“Why are you even talking to me?”

“I just heard ―”

“Heard what? Some stupid rumor? Leah is fine. She has the flu. God, you are so over-dramatic.” Beth took a step back. Good. The sooner she stopped grilling me, the sooner I could just get on with this beautiful day in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Leah wasn’t sick, she was a magical princess. Anything but the cold, hard truth.

So, there you are. 7 lines (ahem 9) from Silverblood. Hope you like them.

Jess out.


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