So A Thing Happened. . .

It’s been almost a week now, and for all you lovely people following me, my book got selected as a finalist in #PitchWars.
*cue hysterical ugly crying*

and then some of this. . .

It was very surreal.
Still is really.
Surreal but cool.

So, I’m betting a whole lot of you are scratching your heads and wondering what in the heck fire I’m talking about. #PitchWars? What?

Pitchwars is a contest in which writers, like myself, with polished, ready to query manuscripts submit their pitch and a sample of their writing with the hopes of being picked to be mentored by writers/editors/publishing professionals for two months before presenting their shiny new words to a group of outstanding agents.
This year, 1,591 people entered and 125 people were chosen.
And, shoot off the confetti cannons, I’m one of them. The book formerly known as Silverblood will be getting a facelift with the help of the glorious, and amazingly generous Samantha Joyce.

And just so you all know, all the PitchWars mentors are great, but. . . kayleenicest

It’s sure to be a wild and caffeine addled ride these next few months, but I’m excited for my book to emerge from the ashes stronger than ever.
baby fawkes

I’m so thrilled to see what the next eight weeks brings,
Jess out


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